1. ninjatengu:

    Shauna Coxsey showing why she’s 2nd overall in the IFSC Bouldering World Cup.

    Photo by Lukasz Warzecha

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  2. nobody-no:

    Bouldering in Font

    Hard working fingers in Fontainbleau

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  3. New coat/beard update

  4. fuckyeahlivesound:



    Found something I am in love with more than line arrays.

    Flying Amp Racks.

    God that is a mondo fucking huge rack of LA8s. 180,000 watts just chillin overhead nbd.

    Some L’Acoustics goodness. v-dosc, K1, K2, some ARCS sidefills, and flying LA8s. Lovely.

  5. pitysextour:

    Guys, this makes me too happy, I wish I knew who’d made them.

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  6. just got back from 5 days working at sonisphere on the main stage , met some amazing bands including prodigy , iron maiden , limp bizkit so on! few pics from the job!

  9. de-preciated:

    the matterhorn (by caitlin frunks)

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  10. 4nimalparty:

    canada #22 (by níls)

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  11. thinknorth:

    I like waking up here. #solo #adventure #lastminutetrip

  12. Setting up LX for a beer promotional rave thing in the old granada studios in manchester

  15. nobodyiswatchingus:

    Waterfall amidst a mountain covered in ash after a volcano eruption.

    Taken in Iceland. One of the most unique landscape photos I’ve ever seen.

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